Advance Your First Aid Skills - With Our Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work Training!

When faced with critical moments, will you rise to the occasion and become a lifesaver? Introducing the Level 3 Emergency First Aid At Work program, a transformative experience that equips you with the knowledge and skills to handle emergencies confidently.

In this comprehensive training, you will gain expertise in various life-saving techniques, from primary wound care to advanced life support.

Discover the power within you as you navigate realistic scenarios and build your competence under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

Don’t let emergencies catch you off guard—take charge of the situation and be the hero that makes a difference. Book in our Level 3 Emergency First Aid At Work program today and embrace the opportunity to save lives.

Level 3: Emergency First Aid at Work

What is the Level 3 Emergency First Aid At Work?

Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work is a training course designed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to respond effectively in emergencies in the workplace.

This course suits individuals designated as first aiders in their workplace or those who want to learn basic first aid skills.

Is the Level 3: Emergency First Aid At Work Course HSE Approved?

Rest assured, the Level 3: Emergency First Aid At Work course is fully endorsed by the esteemed Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This recognition signifies that the course adheres to the highest standards of emergency first aid training in the workplace, ensuring that you receive comprehensive and reliable instruction.

Who Can Benefit from This Course?

Designed specifically with SIA front-line officers in mind, the Level 3: Emergency First Aid At Work course equips them with invaluable skills to confidently address emergencies encountered in their line of duty.

By completing this course, SIA officers gain the expertise and knowledge necessary to handle critical situations in their professional roles effectively.

How Long is Course Duration?

The Level 3: Emergency First Aid At Work Course lasts 1 Day.

How Is the Assessment Conducted?

Rather than a formal examination, this course employs a practical approach to assessment. A qualified and approved trainer will evaluate your skills and understanding, ensuring you have grasped the essential concepts and techniques for emergency first aid at work. Rest assured that your competence will be diligently evaluated.

What Topics Does the Course Cover?

The Level 3: Emergency First Aid At Work course covers various vital topics. These include essential life support, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), management of choking incidents, effective bleeding control, and other indispensable first aid skills.

By acquiring this knowledge, SIA front-line officers are equipped to provide immediate assistance and potentially save lives during emergencies.

How Long Does the Course Take?

Typically, the Level 3: Emergency First Aid At Work course can be completed within a day. This condensed format allows SIA front-line officers to receive comprehensive training without disrupting their regular work schedule. You will gain the expertise to handle emergencies effectively in a short period.

How Frequently Should First Aid Training Be Refreshed?

To ensure that your skills remain up to date, it is recommended to refresh your first aid training every three years. Regular updates in training not only help reinforce your existing knowledge but also provide insights into the latest techniques and best practices in emergency first aid. Stay prepared and confident in your abilities.

Can I Utilize the Skills Learned Outside of the Workplace?

Absolutely! The skills and knowledge acquired from the Level 3: Emergency First Aid At Work course extend beyond the workplace.

They are transferable and can be applied in various settings, including your community, home, or during recreational activities.

By becoming proficient in emergency first aid, you become an invaluable asset, capable of making a significant difference in critical situations wherever they may occur.

What Are The Entry Requirements For The Level 3 Emergency First Aid At Work Course?

To enroll in the Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work course, you must meet the following entry requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You should have proficiency in the English language.

Can I Record My Micro-Teach Session Instead Of Conducting It In Person?

You can record your micro-teach session and submit it to us using a memory stick. Alternatively, you can utilize video conferencing technologies such as Zoom, Skype, or Cisco WebEx to deliver your lesson remotely.

What Topics Are Covered In The  Level 3 Emergency First Aid At Work Course?

The Emergency First Aid Course comprises the following units:

  • Unit 1: Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations
  • Unit 2: Incident Management
  • Unit 3: Priorities in First Aid
  • Unit 4: Treatment of an Unconscious Casualty
  • Unit 5: Resuscitation
  • Unit 6: Shock
  • Unit 7: Choking
  • Unit 8: Seizures
  • Unit 9: Bleeding
  • Unit 10: Common Workplace Injuries

Why choose our Level 3: First Aid Course?

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our Level 3: First Aid Course covers various topics, including CPR, injury assessment, and emergency response. This ensures you acquire the skills and knowledge to handle various situations confidently.
  • Accredited Certification: Upon completion of the course, you will receive an accredited certification recognized by employers and regulatory bodies. This certification validates your competence in first aid.
  • Experienced Instructors: Our instructors possess extensive experience in first aid and are passionate about sharing their knowledge. They bring valuable insights and practical expertise to the training sessions.
  • Practical Training: We believe in the effectiveness of hands-on training for mastering first aid skills. Our course incorporates practical exercises and simulations to provide you with real-life scenarios, preparing you to respond effectively in emergencies.
  • Flexible Learning Options: We understand that individuals have different schedules and learning preferences. Therefore, we offer both in-person and online learning options, allowing you to choose the method that suits you best.
  • Affordable Pricing: We believe high-quality first aid training should be accessible to all. Our Level 3: First Aid Course is priced affordably, ensuring you receive top-notch training without compromising quality.

How Much Are The Course Level 3 Emergency First Aid At Work Fees?

Total cost from £75.00 (for classroom-based course) All inclusive, no additional charges.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept Stripe, PayPal, cheques, debit cards, and credit cards as payment methods.

What Is Our Level 3 Emergency First Aid At Work Certification Pass Rate?

Our Level 2: SIA CCTV Surveillance Course The certification pass rate is 99.50%

What Documents Do I Need To Bring Level 3 Emergency First Aid At Work?

You must bring identification documents such as a passport, driving license, or any other valid photo ID.

Are There Any Additional Charges?

No, the course fees are all-inclusive, with no additional charges.

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